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How to play it:

Your goal in Minesweeper Frysweeper is to reveal all cells which don't contain a mine. If you reveal a cell which contains a mine, you die and have to start over.

You start with a left mouse click on a random place in the field. Don't worry, first click is always 100% safe. From then, you have to be a little more careful.

There are three types of cells: a mine cell, a blank cell and a cell containing a number. This number indicates how many mines there are directly next to the current cell (the adjacent 8 cells).

You can also mark unopened cells with the right click with either a flag or a question mark. If there's a flag on a cell, it cannot be opened unless unmarked or question-marked.

With that in mind, you can now become the greatest Minesweeper Frysweeper player who ever lived!